Signs of the Power and Oneness of Allah

Allah reminds us of His grace towards His creation in that He has given them the night in which they rest and relax from their activities so that they can go back to them for their livelihood during the day. He has given them the day with its light, so that they can undertake their journeys and engage in their business.

ุฅูู†ู‘ูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ูŽ ู„ูŽุฐููˆ ููŽุถู’ู„ู ุนูŽู„ูŽู‰ ุงู„ู†ู‘ูŽุงุณู ูˆูŽู„ูŽู€ูƒูู†ู‘ูŽ ุฃูŽูƒู’ุซูŽุฑูŽ ุงู„ู†ู‘ูŽุงุณู ู„ุงูŽ ูŠูŽุดู’ูƒูุฑููˆู†ูŽ

(Truly, Allah is full of bounty to mankind; yet, most of mankind give no thanks.) means, they do not express gratitude for the favors which Allah bestows upon them. Then Allah says:

ุฐูŽู„ููƒูู€ู…ู ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ุฑูŽุจู‘ูู€ูƒูู…ู’ ุฎูŽู€ู„ูู‚ู ูƒูู€ู„ู‘ู ุดูŽู‰ู’ุกู ู„ุงู‘ูŽ ุฅูู„ูŽู€ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ุงู‘ูŽ ู‡ููˆูŽ

(That is Allah, your Lord, the Creator of all things, La ilaha illa Huwa.) means, the One Who does all of these things is Allah, the One, the Unique, the Creator of all things, besides Whom there is no other god or lord.

ููŽุฃูŽู†ู‘ูŽู‰ ุชูุคู’ููŽูƒููˆู†ูŽ

(How then are you turning away) means, `how can you worship idols which cannot create anything but are themselves hand-made and carved’

ูƒูŽุฐูŽู„ููƒูŽ ูŠูุคู’ููŽูƒู ุงู„ู‘ูŽุฐููŠู†ูŽ ูƒูŽุงู†ููˆุงู’ ุจูู€ูŽุงูŠูŽู€ุชู ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ูŠูŽุฌู’ุญูŽุฏููˆู†ูŽ

(Thus were turned away those who used to deny the Ayat of Allah) means, just as these people Quraysh were led astray by their worship of gods other than Allah, those who came before them also disbelieved and worshipped others, with no proof or evidence, but on the basis of ignorance and desires. They denied the signs and proof of Allah.

ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ู‘ูŽุฐูู‰ ุฌูŽุนูŽู€ู„ูŽ ู„ูŽูƒูู€ู…ู ุงู„ุงู‘ูŒุฑู’ุถูŽ ู‚ูŽู€ุฑูŽุงุฑุงู‹

(Allah, it is He Who has made for you the earth as a dwelling place) means, `He made it stable and spread it out for you, so that you might live on it and travel about in it; He strengthened it with the mountains so that it does not shake with you.’

ูˆูŽุงู„ุณู‘ูŽู…ูŽุขุกูŽ ุจูู†ูŽุขุกู‹

(and the sky as a canopy,) means, `a roof covering and protecting the world.’

ูˆูŽุตูŽูˆู‘ูŽุฑูŽูƒูู…ู’ ููŽุฃูŽุญู’ุณูŽู†ูŽ ุตููˆูŽุฑูŽูƒูู…ู’

(and has given you shape and made your shapes good) means, `He created you in the best and most perfect form.’

ูˆูŽุฑูŽุฒูŽู‚ูŽูƒูู… ู…ู‘ูู†ูŽ ุงู„ุทู‘ูŽูŠู‘ูุจูŽุงุชู

(and has provided you with good and pure things.) means, of food and drink in this world. Allah states that that He is the Creator of the dwelling place and of the inhabitants and of the provision; He is the Creator and Provider, as He says in Surat Al-Baqarah:

ูŠูŽู€ุฃูŽูŠู‘ูู‡ูŽุง ุงู„ู†ู‘ูŽุงุณู ุงุนู’ุจูุฏููˆุงู’ ุฑูŽุจู‘ูŽูƒูู…ู ุงู„ู‘ูŽุฐูู‰ู’ ุฎูŽู„ูŽู‚ูŽูƒูู…ู’ ูˆูŽุงู„ู‘ูŽุฐููŠู†ูŽ ู…ูู† ู‚ูŽุจู’ู„ููƒูู…ู’ ู„ูŽุนูŽู„ู‘ูŽูƒูู…ู’ ุชูŽุชู‘ูŽู‚ููˆู†ูŽ – ุงู„ู‘ูŽุฐูู‰ ุฌูŽุนูŽู„ูŽ ู„ูŽูƒูู…ู ุงู„ุงู‘ูŒุฑู’ุถูŽ ููุฑูŽุงุดุงู‹ ูˆูŽุงู„ุณู‘ูŽู…ูŽุขุกูŽ ุจูู†ูŽุขุกู‹ ูˆูŽุฃูŽู†ุฒูŽู„ูŽ ู…ูู†ูŽ ุงู„ุณู‘ูŽู…ูŽุขุกู ู…ูŽุขุกู‹ ููŽุฃูŽุฎู’ุฑูŽุฌูŽ ุจูู‡ู ู…ูู†ูŽ ุงู„ุซู‘ูŽู…ูŽุฑูŽุชู ุฑูุฒู’ู‚ุงู‹ ู„ู‘ูŽูƒูู…ู’ ููŽู„ุงูŽ ุชูŽุฌู’ุนูŽู„ููˆุงู’ ู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ุฃูŽู†ุฏูŽุงุฏุงู‹ ูˆูŽุฃูŽู†ุชูู…ู’ ุชูŽุนู’ู„ูŽู…ููˆู†ูŽ

(O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may have Taqwa. Who has made the earth a resting place for you, and the sky as a canopy, and sent down water (rain) from the sky and brought forth therewith fruits as a provision for you. Then do not set up rivals unto Allah while you know.) (2:21-22) And here Allah says, after mentioning the creation of all these things:

ุฐูŽู„ููƒูู…ู ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ุฑูŽุจู‘ููƒูู€ู…ู’ ููŽุชูŽู€ุจูŽู€ุฑูŽูƒูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‘ูŽู‡ู ุฑูŽุจู‘ู ุงู„ู’ุนูŽู€ู„ูŽู…ููŠู†ูŽ

(That is Allah, your Lord, so Blessed be Allah, the Lord of all that exists.) meaning, exalted and sanctified and glorified be Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. Then He says:

ู‡ููˆูŽ ุงู„ู’ุญูŽู‰ู‘ู ู„ุงูŽ ุฅูู„ูŽู€ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ุงู‘ูŽ ู‡ููˆูŽ

(He is the Ever Living, La ilaha illa Huwa;) means, He is the Ever Living, from eternity to eternity, Who was, is and shall be, the First and the Last, the Manifest, the Hidden.

ู„ุงูŽ ุฅูู„ูŽู€ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ุงู‘ูŽ ู‡ููˆูŽ

(La ilaha illa Huwa) means, there is none comparable or equal to Him.

ููŽู€ุงุฏู’ุนููˆู‡ู ู…ูุฎู’ู„ูุตููŠู†ูŽ ู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ุฏู‘ููŠู†ูŽ

(so invoke Him making the religion for Him Alone.) means, affirm His Oneness by testifying that there is no God but He. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Imam Ahmad recorded that after ending every prayer, `Abdullah bin Az-Zubayr used to say:

ยซู„ูŽุง ุฅูู„ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ู‘ูŽุง ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ูˆูŽุญู’ุฏูŽู‡ู ู„ูŽุง ุดูŽุฑููŠูƒูŽ ู„ูŽู‡ูุŒู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ู’ู…ูู„ู’ูƒู ูˆูŽู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ู’ุญูŽู…ู’ุฏูุŒ ูˆูŽู‡ููˆูŽ ุนูŽู„ูŽู‰ ูƒูู„ู‘ู ุดูŽูŠู’ุกู ู‚ูŽุฏููŠุฑูŒุŒ ู„ูŽุง ุญูŽูˆู’ู„ูŽ ูˆูŽู„ูŽุง ู‚ููˆู‘ูŽุฉูŽ ุฅูู„ู‘ูŽุง ุจูุงู„ู„ู‡ูุŒ ู„ูŽุง ุฅูู„ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ู‘ูŽุง ุงู„ู„ู‡ูุŒ ูˆูŽู„ูŽุง ู†ูŽุนู’ุจูุฏู ุฅูู„ู‘ูŽุง ุฅููŠู‘ูŽุงู‡ูุŒ ู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ู†ู‘ูุนู’ู…ูŽุฉู ูˆูŽู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ู’ููŽุถู’ู„ู ูˆูŽู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ุซู‘ูŽู†ูŽุงุกู ุงู„ู’ุญูŽุณูŽู†ูุŒ ู„ูŽุง ุฅูู„ู‡ูŽ ุฅูู„ู‘ูŽุง ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ู…ูุฎู’ู„ูุตููŠู†ูŽ ู„ูŽู‡ู ุงู„ุฏู‘ููŠู†ูŽ ูˆูŽู„ูŽูˆู’ ูƒูŽุฑูู‡ูŽ ุงู„ู’ูƒูŽุงููุฑููˆู†ยป

(There is no (true) God except Allah Alone with no partner or associate, to Him belongs the dominion and praise, for He is able to do all things; there is no strength and no power except with Allah; there is no (true) God except Allah and we worship none but Him; to Him belong blessings and virtue and goodly praise; there is no (true) God except Allah, we worship Him in all sincerity even though the disbelievers may hate that.) He said, “The Messenger of Allah used to say the Tahlil in this fashion after every prayer.” Similar was also recorded by Muslim, Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i.

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